Real Estate Buzz: Ghar Directory Spills Chandigarh's Trend Secrets!

Real Estate Buzz Ghar Directory Spills Chandigarh's Trend Secrets

Market insights: Ghar Directory's Real Estate Trends Analysis for Chandigarh Renowned for its planned design and excellent quality of life, Chandigarh is the capital city of the states of Punjab and Haryana. Additionally, it serves as a center for real estate development, with a rising demand for residential developments. This article will examine the present developments in the Chandigarh real estate market in more detail, using data from a prominent real estate consulting business called Ghar Directory.

Growing Need for Affordably Housed Property

The need for inexpensive housing choices has increased due to the city's growing population and migration. As a result, several residential developments with affordable choices for purchasers have been developed on the outskirts of the city. Families and young professionals find these developments appealing because they provide contemporary amenities and services.

Give Special Attention to Luxury Properties

In Chandigarh, there is a developing market for luxury residences in addition to the need for affordable housing. The wealthy residents of the city are prepared to put money into upscale housing developments that provide opulent living quarters and first-rate facilities. To meet this demand, developers are introducing properties in desirable areas with upscale amenities like concierge services, smart home technologies, and luxurious finishes.

A move in the direction of sustainable development

In the real estate industry, sustainable development has gained significant attention, and Chandigarh is no exception. The demand for homes with energy-efficient features and sustainable building materials is rising as a result of the city's green spaces and eco-friendly programs. To appeal to consumers who are concerned about the environment, developers are including these components in their designs.

A Rise in Real Estate Prices

Prices for real estate in Chandigarh have increased as a result of increased demand for residential homes. Ghar directory's data indicates that the city's average property values have risen by 10% to 15% throughout the past 12 months. Given the increasing demand for houses in Chandigarh, this tendency is anticipated to continue.

Development of Co-Living Areas

The need for co-living spaces in Chandigarh has increased due to the expansion of the gig economy and an increase in the population of young professionals. These places are a cost-effective choice for anyone wishing to live in the city since they provide shared living arrangements with separate rooms and communal facilities. In response to this increasing demand, developers are increasingly including co-living areas in their residential buildings.


Co-living spaces, luxury homes, environmental construction, and affordable housing are the main trends in Chandigarh's real estate sector. The market is anticipated to maintain its rising trend due to the city's expanding population and the desire for residential developments. Leading real estate consulting company Ghar directory study offers insightful information to buyers and investors wishing to get into the Chandigarh real estate market.

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