Zirakpur Council Scam Scale Revealed to Panel by Officials!

Discover how officials disclosed the scale of the Zirakpur Council scam to a panel. Get the latest insights on this unfolding scandal impacting municipal governance and accountability.

Punjab RERA Chief Position: Still Vacant After a Month

The Punjab RERA chief seat remains vacant even after a month, impacting real estate regulation. Stay informed on the latest developments and the implications for property approvals and oversight in Punjab.

Metro's Impact on Tricity Real Estate: Unlocking New Frontiers

Discover the profound impact of the Metro on Tricity real estate, unlocking new frontiers of development and investment opportunities. Explore how this infrastructure revolutionizes urban living and reshapes the property landscape.

Mayor Takes Charge: House Tax Committee Sparks Action!

Exciting news! The mayor steps up – a new committee on house taxes is in play. Stay tuned for updates on this significant development shaping the city's financial landscape.

Real Estate Buzz: Ghar Directory Spills Chandigarh's Trend Secrets!

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The Chandigarh Supreme Court has banned floor-by-floor registration

Breaking news: Chandigarh Supreme Court's landmark decision! Floor-by-floor registrations banned, reshaping property transactions. Stay informed on this crucial legal development impacting real estate in the region.

Building Blues: Housing Rules in Chandigarh Displace Allottees!

The Chandigarh Housing Board's revised construction regulations are giving allottees a lot of trouble. According to the allottees, they built their homes following the revised criteria, even though the CHB need-based policy had permitted specific building and design types.

Chandigarh's Evolving Real Estate Current Market Trends

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Construction Ban's Impact on Himachal Real Estate

Discover the challenges facing Himachal Pradesh's real estate market, including construction bans and green norms, impacting growth and development.

Next-Gen Living: Aeropolis City in the Heart of Mohali

Discover a world of benefits with Aeropolis City, a premium residential township located on the New International Airport Road in the heart of Mohali.

Zirakpur snarl-ups: NHAI projects are halfway beyond the deadline

Zirakpur traffic jams worsen as NHAI projects remain halfway past the deadline. Stay updated on the latest developments impacting the region's infrastructure.

No Metro Project for Chandigarh, according to Lok Sabha

Find out the latest news: Lok Sabha denies Chandigarh's Metro project. Stay informed about the city's transportation developments.