The Chandigarh Supreme Court has banned floor-by-floor registration.

The Chandigarh Supreme Court has banned floor-by-floor registration

The Supreme Court has prohibited the split, bifurcation, fragmentation, or departmentalization of housing units in Phase 1 (Sectors 1 through 30) of Chandigarh, according to a recent notification. The court made the verdict public on January 10, 2023, stating that it was necessary to strike a sensible balance between environmental preservation and sustainable growth.

Following a recent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court (SC) in early January 2023, Chandigarh would no longer permit the sale or purchase of floors. The Supreme Court Bench ordered the Central Government and the Chandigarh Administration to limit the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and not to raise it further, in addition to issuing several recommendations to preserve Le Corbusian Chandigarh's cultural status.

Key points of the most recent Supreme Court decision

The Union Territory (UT) administration was instructed by the Supreme Court to restrict Phase I's floor count to three. Furthermore, the floors must all be the same height, as determined by the heritage committee. The directives have been enacted to preserve the city's heritage status.

To prevent individual residential units from being transformed into multiple units with separate ownership, the bench declared, "The Chandigarh Administration shall not resort to formulate rules or bylaws without prior consultation of the heritage committee and the Centre."

The heritage committee has been requested to examine the re-densification problem while considering its recommendations to maintain the northern areas as they are.

What effect will the judgment have on real estate in Chandigarh?

Since individual purchases of these units may be expensive, real estate agents in the industry are seeing a fall in both demand and pricing for independent dwellings. On the other side, there are a lot of inquiries being made about Chandigarh Housing Board properties for sale.

While the Supreme Court is handling the situation harshly, prospective homeowners in the city need to do extensive study and careful examination of each sector before investing. When buying a house, they should also look for genuine, stamped property documents at every turn.

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